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This is our faq for bands. If you're a fan and you're looking for information (especially about tickets) please check out our fan faq.

Here's our extensive faq. We want this information to be as helpful as possible. If there are any questions here we haven't covered or there are ways you think we could clarify things better, please let us know!

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So what is The Tour Trail?
We've built The Tour Trail to help bands take greater control of their tours and events. The Tour Trail gives bands an individual, customisable, brandable homepage where they can easily list and update their upcoming tour details and share them with their fans.

Furthermore, we offer a simple, elegant and really cheap solution for bands to sell tickets for their upcoming gigs to their fans.

Check out our about page for a deeper introduction to The Tour Trail!

How much does it cost to use The Tour Trail?
The Tour Trail is free. There are no fees or subscriptions to use any of our services or features. We make our revenue by taking a 10% share of ticketing sales when you organise your ticketing sales through us.

Please see our pricing page for more details.

But we already list our upcoming events on Facebook, Myspace, etc
We want to give you the opportunity for your band to have it's own personal tour listing page, which fans can count on being the proper resource to get updates on where you're playing. We're not saying you should stop listing on those other pages but surely having your own personalised band listing page is a much better way to connect with your fans.

Sounds great! How do I make an account?
To get started, head over to our signup page and fill out the form. You'll find more instructions as you go along.

I've setup my account but now I'm a little lost... help?
Sure! Check out our getting started page. That'll point you in the right direction.

How do I customise my band's homepage?
Once you're logged in, head over to the design page. Here you can change the colours for your homepage design to suit your band's style and upload a customised header image (960px wide by 180px high).

On your profile page you can upload a profile image for your band, add a band bio, enter your genre and add links to your other websites. This information is all shown down the right hand side of your homepage.

How do I receive my payments from The Tour Trail?
All of your payments are deposited directly and immediately into your PayPal account. You can find more details on our pricing page.

Where is feature xyz?!
We've focussed on getting the absolute core important essential features up and running and running perfectly. There's a great big list of things we want to add to make this the most kick-ass site in the world. Including (but not limited to!) allowing you to map your custom domains, automatically integrating your whole site automatically with the facebook, the myspace and the other social media sites, allowing live music venues to make accounts and the list goes on.


How do I add an event?
On your manage events page press "add new event". Voila!

I haven't finalised ticketing for an upcoming gig, can I still want to show it on my list?
When creating your event select "To Be Announced" under "Ticketing Type". You can update the ticketing for this event later by editing the event from your manage events page.

Whoops, we want to cancel one of our event listings...
We don't offer a way for you to cancel an event yourself. Your fans will be using this site as a resource to find out how they can come and see you. Events disappearing from your list will be most confusing and upsetting for them! If there's an event which you absolutely positively must cancel, contact us with details and we will help you.

Why isn't the event I made showing up on my listing?
An event needs to be published before it will show up on your public listing. Head over to your manage events page and your event should be on the list there but greyed out. Press "edit" next to the event and under "Publishing" select "Publish Now". You'll be asked to confirm that you want to publish the event, click "confirm" and now your event should be showing up on your listing page.

How do I get the ticketing stats for my gigs?
There are two reports which you can look at for this data. The "past events report" found on your manage events page shows the consolidated data for all of your past events. This includes the total sales and ticketing information per event (if you sold the tickets through us).

The "payment history report" found on your tickets & sales page contains the details about each individual transaction collected for all of your events. By sorting this data you can see details for each event.

Do you collect my fans' email addresses?
We certainly do! Whenever a fan purchases a ticket to one your events through our ticketing system, their email address is stored for you. You can export this list on your tickets & sales page. (Hint: it's in the payment history report!)

Do I have to sell tickets to my event through The Tour Trail? No no, absolutely not. We don't want to dictate how you sell your tickets to your events. They're your events and it's your call for how you want to sell your tickets! We have focussed on making our service a very attractive alternative but we don't think it's in anyone's best interest to make in compulsory. When creating your event listing, you have the option to supply a link to where your fans can buy their tickets elsewhere online.

The Ticketing System

How does the Tour Trail ticketing system work?
Our ticketing system is designed to be as simple for you to setup and use as possible... and we think we've done a good job of it. First you'll need to make sure your PayPal account is set up so that you can receive the money from sales. You can find those instructions on our PayPal setup page.

Once your PayPal details are setup, we're ready to begin. When creating your new event, select "Sell tickets with us" under "Ticketing type" and you'll be given three more fields to fill out. Enter the number of tickets you want to sell (check your venue capacity!) and the price and currency for those tickets. And that's it. That's all the information we need to sell your tickets.

When you publish this event, a link to "buy tickets" will be shown next to it on your events listing page. When fans press this, they are asked to choose their quantity and then are whisked away to PayPal to securely process their payment. This money will them go directly and immediately into your PayPal account. Once their purchase is confirmed, they are emailed their tickets along with a message thanking them for supporting you and your band!

As the event organiser you'll be able to print off the list of the tickets before the event. When a fan shows up, check their ticket against the list and mark them off.

We don't mail your fans a physical ticket. This keeps all the costs down and to be frank, makes sense. People don't need to be mailed a physical ticket to take an international plane trip anymore, why should they need one to attend a concert? Having your fans print out their own concert tickets is the way of the future!

So how do we identify each unique ticket?
We use a really simple and (dare we say) ingenious method to produce the individual tickets for your event. Each ticket is assigned a combination of three code words. These three code words make up a unique code phrase. This unique code phrase, along with your ticket's id number is the ticket's unique identifying feature.

We've used code phrases because we humans recognise words much more quickly than random serial numbers. You'll be able to quickly and accurately check your tickets by hand. No sweat.

The code phrase system also leads to some fantastically amusing combinations... "walk potato breakfast" and "fish paint planes"... Sometimes it's about life's simple pleasures.

OK sounds good! But just how secure are my tickets?
Our clever computers randomly choose the code words from a list of over 3,500 words. That means there are over 42 billion possible unique code phrases. That's quite a lot. The chances of someone actually guessing the three correct code words for a ticket are... well... none.

Can I sell tickets in different currencies for different events?
Yep. If you're touring internationally, you'll want to offer your fans the option to buy their tickets in their local currency. You can control the currency used for each individual event as you are setting it up.

When a fan makes a purchase, PayPal will automatically handle converting the currency into your default currency.

What currencies can I sell my tickets in?
We support all the currencies that PayPal supports. You can find a nice list of these currencies on the official PayPal website.

Before printing your list, you'll have to confirm that you want to close the event. Closing the event means that no more tickets can be sold. This prevents people buying more tickets after you've already printed your list.

Press "print this list" to get a printer friendly version

Do you offer box office ticketing solutions?
No we don't. We've kept our solution as simple as possible. We feel it's a fantastic solution for small to medium sized events. If there's the demand for it in the future, then we'll look into ways to implement it.

Other Stuff

Oh no I can't login!
Make sure you are using your email address to login. We don't use usernames here. If you've forgotten your password you can reset your password here.

Hey something's broken! Why isn't this working?!
Whoops... We've tried our darndest to make our website foolproof but we're only human and even we make mistakes sometimes :-( If you find a bug, please contact us and we'll get to fixing it. Thanks!

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