About The Tour Trail

We love live music. Live music of all descriptions and sizes. We love getting lost in the crowd at the huge music events and we especially love the intimacy of supporting our personal favourite bands on the smaller stages.

The music industry has been transforming, for the better we feel. The digital medium is growing and bands are finding it much easier to connect directly with their fans. Bands have been taking their management and control back into their own hands. Taking advantage of some of the great services out there to sell their music and spread their sound.

We feel that live music has been lagging behind on this journey to the future. The first problem is that there are too many fantastic, well loved bands who don't have an easy way to share their upcoming tour dates with their fans. Instead they have to link off to facebook or myspace or [yet-another-site-branded-by-some-big-company]. And the second problem is that, while there seems to be a growing list of readily accessible and affordable options for bands to sell their music online, there just isn't an equivalent for selling tickets!

The Tour Trail is our solution to these two problems. Firstly, an easy way for bands to manage and publish their upcoming events and secondly the option for bands to easily and affordably sell tickets online directly and immediately to their fans.

Let's be frank, if you're a band and you want to sell tickets to your upcoming events, your options really suck. Going through a major ticketing vendor will cost your fans an arm and a leg in questionable "service fees". Smaller bands can't afford to pass on a $5+ service fee to their fans for a $5 ticket. Your fans want to support you and your music, not the big ticketing vendors.

That leaves selling tickets at the door as the main option. But pre-selling tickets for an upcoming concert is a big deal and a great opportunity for bands. By pre-selling tickets, the band has the funds needed to plan the event properly and they know how many people they can count on being there. A sold ticket is a much better indicator of attendance than an "I'm attending" on facebook.

If you're a band, we want you to have your own website where you can brand it properly and connect with your fans and tell them where you'll be playing next. We also want you to have a way to sell tickets directly to your fans without the ridiculous overheads that come along with going through a major ticketing vendor. We want to offer this to you and make it as easy as possible for you to set it up and use while we get out of the way and quietly handle the technical stuff in the background.

If you're a fan, we want to give you a way to find out where your favourite bands are playing next and a way for you to buy tickets which you know go directly towards supporting the bands you love.

Our primary aim is to help support the smaller bands and the smaller events and at the same time, we've aimed to create a service that scales well for bands of all sizes.

For more information about us here at The Tour Trail, check out our faq.