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Broadcast your upcoming gigs & sell tickets directly to your fans.

We're the best place on the net for listing & sharing your band's upcoming gigs. Here's why:

Your personalised tour homepage: The Tour Trail isn't just another place for you to list your gigs. We give you your own site, with your logo, with your colors, your url and your images. No ads, no popups, no obnoxious branding. You take control of your site and we'll just stay in the background and look after the technical stuff.

Let your fans do the sharing: We give your fans all the tools they need to spread the word about your up-and-comings. They can spread the word through all their favourite mediums with just a simple click and drive all that traffic right back to you.

Sell your tickets directly to your fans (without the big ticketing vendors): With The Tour Trail, selling tickets has never been easier. You can quickly and painlessly setup the sale of tickets for your upcoming concerts. There's no minimum price, no setup fees and none of those unbelievably priced "service fees" the big vendors pass on to your fans. Your money goes directly and instantly to you. Presell tickets for your events and confirm your fans' attendance.

We handle all the technical stuff: You want to get on with organising your band and lining up your shows, not get buried in the building of your website. We make it all as easy as possible for you and we look after all the technical behind the scenes wizbangs. Even selling tickets is an absolute breeze.

Head over to our to get started (yup, it's completely free!) or you can read more about The Tour Trail here.

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